If I Asked You How You Grow Neuronal Circuits in the Brains of Your Audiences–
Could You Tell Me?

  • Could you tell me the techniques poor speakers/teachers use unwittingly that antagonize learning?
  • Could you name the neurotransmitters YOU must create in your audiences' brains to ensure learning?
  • Could you look me straight in the eye and say you’ve invested time and money in learning how to teach?

If you’ve answered “no” to these questions–
you’re in a vast MAJORITY of speakers, presenters,
online teachers and leaders.

One you need to leave.

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If you are a:

  • Coach or consultant who gives workshops and presentations
  • Speaker (Seasoned or New)
  • Leader of an organization, department or initiative
  • Certified teacher

…it’s imperative that you understand neuroscience–particularly the areas of  the brain associated with “learning, memory and emotion.”

Why Is This So Vital to Your Success?

Many hidden cultural influences have developed you into a speaker/leader/teacher with a fixed way of interacting with audiences that is hopelessly ineffective.

These influences are so old, you live and breathe them and have no idea they’re there–and no idea you must give them up! No idea that they antagonize learning. Now, you’ve evolved yourself into comfort zones you don’t know you’re in–and that are costing you dollars, affinity with peers, prospects and influencers, and most of all--your reputation.

For Years I Taught A Public Speaking Training...

...Secrets of Impact & Influence, and those 2 days were packed with “how-to” content about teaching to the brain–without the hard-core science. So, I developed this resource for my students--and now, I'm making it available for you.

It took well over 45 hours to construct this book, which synthesizes over five years of my own study into the learning, memory and emotion areas of neuroscience research. I am not a neuroscientist, but this book offers an accurate compilation of "learning and the brain" facts for those committed to providing the optimum learning environment for their audiences.

I hope to ignite a fire within you to change your entire orientation to speaking and teaching, to include a profound reverence for the organ that consumes your material—and your profound ability to shape it, physically.

Lizabeth Phelps, Founder of Inspired Leaders' Academy, is a 14-year business veteran who turn "mere mortal" entrepreneurs into "New Paradigm" Inspired Thought Leader teachers with unlimited-growth businesses that truly effect change in the world.

What Is In this 200-Page PowerPoint Ebook?

  • Part ONE Reviews the Big-Picture Structures of the Brain

    For learning, it’s best to start wide. The main structures of the brain will become important and meaningful to you once you see what they do! And how you can influence them.
  • PART TWO Delves into the Learning and Memory System

    You’ll get to know the areas of the brain specific to influencing your audiences to learn.
  • Part THREE Takes You Inside the Brain’s Rock-Stars:

    …neurons and how they communicate. This is not dry content! You are going to go to the microscopic level to learn just when learning occurs, and how you make it happen–or don’t.
  • Part FOUR is When We Pull It All Together...

    …to learn the techniques you must implement to teach with the brain in mind! You’ll see that few teachers you’ve ever had–and even fewer speakers–utilize these critical elements. And the question will be: do you have the courage to leave the pack and use them yourself?

Here’s to the New Paradigm of Audience Leadership...
and Your Place in It!

Get Your Copy Now a $97 Value--FREE So You Can Change the Way We All Succeed!

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