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The Sequence Secret Webinar Shares What the Ebook Cannot...

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As a coach, consultant, trainer or other expert
--NEW to business or struggling--
this free training is exactly what you've been asking for in your quiet moments.

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April 15 at 2pm EST/11amPST

The Ebook is Priceless, But It Doesn't Tell You...

  • Stories of real business mistakes made every day by those like you--so you can avoid them like the plague!
  • Of the 6 Phases of building your business (in the book), which are the HARDEST and what to watch for in every one.
  • Which of the dozens of steps you must *get right* or everything will fall like dominoes.
  • Tips on making those steps easier and DO-able--so you don't just "think" about them, but get them done!

Attending this Webinar Will CHANGE You. Why?

Because You Will Walk Away...

  • ..understanding this in your cells: that you cannot build or grow your business out of sequence.
  • Without this webinar, chances are you won't even really LOOK at the ebook--much less use it *every day* as you need to. This webinar will spark a love affair between you and this resource!
  • You will be changed because you will KNOW *what* to do...
  • ...what NOT to do at *all costs*...(p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s)
  • ...and how to SAIL OVER the deadman's curves that show up EVERYWHERE in business.
  • You will be changed because you WON'T MAKE THE MISTAKES you are on the cusp of making in your business right now...

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Thursday, April 15 at 2pmEST. 1 Hour.