Trouble Getting Clients?
Your Market Is Too Broad.

As a coach, consultant, speaker, author or other expert:

  • Are you exhausted going everywhere to get clients, but getting so few?
  • Does your website pull in only a trickle of opt-ins per month?
  • Do you stumble over your words when trying to articulate what you do?
  • Are your programs not drawing enough people—or the wrong people?
  • Do you feel unseen, unwanted and frustrated BEYOND MEASURE?

What if I told you that the problem isn’t YOU?

It’s that you don’t have the right buyer.

What if I told you that a major tightening of your market will bring about one of the quickest changes to your business results?

Would you be willing to test it?

Lizabeth Phelps, Founder of Inspired Leaders' Academy, 14-year business veteran, helping experts through a unique progression resulting in unlimited-growth businesses that truly effect change in the world.

I can’t do anything with a new client
until we have their market clearly established.
And YOU can’t do anything in your business until you have it, either.

And now there is a workbook that strips away ALL of the confusion.

What's In This Invaluable Workbook?

PART ONE of the workbook is is a step-by-step proven exercise that will remove all of the mystery, all of the struggle and all of the messiness you’ve experienced in the past when trying to determine your market. It is truly a magic-bullet. You will end Part 1 with a single sentence that narrows your market to the slim population it MUST BE for you to succeed in business.
This is the process I use with private clients and if you’re ready to get serious, you will finally get off the merry-go-round, finally stop chasing your tail about who your perfect buyer is! NOTE: This workbook will not help determine corporate markets.
THEN, things gets really interesting. Part TWO  takes you inside the “inner psyche” of your market. Here are just a few of the secrets this exercise reveals: Their inner conflict over getting what they want. What they fear most about their future. The dream they “hide out in,” that keeps them stuck. What their secret fantasy is. The influencers who subtly direct their actions.
You MUST KNOW their “inner psyche” in order to build programs for them they will buy, write marketing copy that produces, and to speak about your business so you get clients now!
Part 2 goes into places in your market’s head you never knew existed and TAKES you to the secrets that will help you sell to them.

Don’t miss out on this chance to clear up all confusion. Get your own copy of this workbook now!

$47 Value--FREE

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